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Move Your Body Feed Your Soul

Virtual classes on zoom! COME OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN WITH US! Have your camera on or off. Need help with zoom? I can do that. The music is amazing. The cardio and toning are geared for you with modification if needed. We use 9 inch yoga balls most often. Need a ball? If you join the paid part, I will provide you locally with a ball. I take attendance. Each class after the month is over, $5 is payable by: PayPal ( or e-transfer (

I have three amazing co hosts that keep me sane. Most start by paying $20 which is a purchase of 4 classes. You only get charged if you are in the class. I have been instructing seniors for 13 years in fitness, ballroom and recreational paint classes. It is such a joy! If you read this, come join my fun mix group!

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Business Details

Windsor, Ontario (Virtual classes on zoom)

(519)- 566- 6835

Mon - Zumba Gold (Easy)

1:00 - 1:45 PM 

Wed - Zumba Gold/Toning (Moderate)

6:30 - 7:15 PM 

Thurs - Zumba Gold/ Seated (Beginner, Very Easy)

10:30-11 AM 

Thurs - Zumba Gold/Toning Combo (Easy)

11:15 - Noon 

Sat* - Zumba Gold Step (Moderate) 

10:30 -11:15 AM  

*No step or toning sticks necessary